In Fall 2019, 6 students from 5 disciplines kicked off the first offering of the Graduate Seminar in Africana Studies, taught by Prof. Kim D. Butler.  The course introduces the history and key debates of the discipline of Africana Studies, and then moves through a series of selected issues such as race, diaspora, gender and politics, and popular culture.  The course also gives students the opportunity to interact with specialists participating in the Africana graduate faculty through guest visits; the Fall lineup included Drs. Zaire Dinzey-Flores (Sociology/Latinx & Caribbean Studies), Carolyn Brown (History), Akissi Britton (Africana Studies/Anthropology), and Brittney Cooper (Women & Gender Studies/History/Africana Studies). Throughout the semester, students choose readings related to their dissertation projects, culminating in a final paper exploring that facet of their dissertation through an Africana lens. Pictured here are the inaugural class (clockwise from left): Endia Hayes (Sociology), Danny Underwood (Philosophy), Milton Achelpohl (WGS), Tim McGhee (Anthropology), Dr. Kim Butler, Feruza Berhane (WGS), and IMG 3807 1Molly O'Connor (Education).