Race through Health Mentoring is a 300-level credit course. This independent research opportunity allows you to find a physician or another health care provider in which to "shadow" and be mentored by, which entails observing the doctor or health care provider on a weekly basis and keep a journal of the day's thoughts, events, and questions . This health care provider will act as a mentor for students in order to guide them through the course. You will focus on a variety of topics including, but not limited to : (1) the responsibilities of the doctor or health care provider within the facility, (2) the doctor's or health care provider's interactions with overall environment, i.e. relationships with other doctors, co-workers, patients, (3) how the doctor or health care provider is perceived by others, (4) treatment of patients by physicians - including both positive and negative aspects, i.e. racial factors, economic factors and, (5) ethical/ moral decision making process. Through this real world experience you will gain insight on everyday health issues and earn course credit at the same time. Only by special permission 

01:014:307 Syllabus