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01:014:404 Race in Today's World

This course is about ‘race’ in the United States and elsewhere. It critically explores and analyzes theories of race and evaluates their relevance to today’s events. There are several objectives: (1) to acquaint students with sociological, psychological and anthropological theory as regards ‘race’; (2) to create a comparative perspective for viewing ‘race’ in the United States and elsewhere; (3) to help students hone their analytical skills; and (4) to explore pressing ‘race’ issues.

01:014:203 The Black Experience in America [CORE-CCD]

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SAS Core graphic smLearn about the full arc of African American history from an interdisciplinary perspective. In this course, you will understand how structures of race and social hierarchy evolved within the context of American political economy, special conditions of oppression, responses to exploitation, and resultant social changes.

01:014:202 What Everyone Should Know About Race

What everyone should know about ‘race’ is an introductory course about ‘race’ in the United States. Literally every person in this country is impacted in some way by what we call ‘race’, many on a daily basis. Yet, this complex, all-consuming, multifaceted, bewildering phenomenon is not at all well understood. The goal of this course is to help students understand ‘race’ by paying attention to the historical, biological, political, social, psychological and economic dimensions, by considering the points of view of important segments of our population, and by exploring the insights provided by relevant theoretical frameworks.

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01:014:140 Intro to American Cultures (1.5 credits)

Through an examination of narratives of American settlement, pluralism, and national dialogue, the goal of this course is to introduce students to the key cultural debates that have informed American society, both historically and during the contemporary moment. The course discusses the process of identity and cultural construction, and the political struggles that have come out of this process.

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01:014:233 Intro to the Methodology of Africana Studies

This course connects the ways that the philosophical underpinnings of Africana Studies influence which questions we ask, and how.  Africana Studies uncovers the hidden stories of black people and histories through critical and innovative thinking that has developed a range of new investigative techniques. In this course, you will learn to develop and apply those skills through multidisciplinary approaches to the study of Africana materials, original research projects, lectures and introduction to major archival resources.  Additionally, you will learn how to conceptualize and write a research proposal.

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