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The story of the oldest and largest black community of the Americas helps explain the trajectory of black experience in all American and Caribbean nations, beginning with the root causes of slavery and how race became structured into society, politics and economies. Understanding this history also provides a comparative context for African American history, and helps explain why the realities of African descendants in the Americas/Caribbean are interlinked today. As you gain a deeper understanding of how black people challenged enslavement you will create a character based upon historical background readings and submit a written description about that character. You’ll then go on to plot your own slave revolt using the characters you have created. The course continues with an examination of how black Brazilians shaped their place in South America’s largest economy, and how they have connected their struggles for social justice to human rights struggles around the world. The course incorporates elements of Afro-Brazilian culture like music, dance, and films to deepen your understanding in a virtual excursion to Brazil.

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