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This cycle of Insurgent Intersections invites scholars, students, activists, artists, and community members to grapple with “The Mechanisms of Global Anti-Blackness”. Across this year, we will consider such questions as: How is anti-Blackness embedded in the creation and enforcement of laws in, and outside of, the U.S.? How does anti-Blackness intersect with technology? How is anti-Blackness enacted through land rights disputes, food injustice, and environmental racism?...and more.

Our yearlong exploration of "The Mechanisms of Global Anti-Blackness" was launched through a keynote in multiple voices: 

Fall 22 Keynote ThumbnailOpening Event: "More Than Segregation: The Mechanisms of Global Anti-Blackness Today"

With an emphasis on pressing current events, this dialogue featured Drs. Nikol Alexander-Floyd, Donna Murch, and Kevon Rhiney in conversation on the shifting manifestations of contemporary anti-Blackness. Visit the event page here.

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Watch the event recording below:

Works-in-Progress Series

The spring 2023 works-in-progress series has included presentations from: 

Dr. Jeanette Covington, Dept. of Sociology at Rutgers University

"Black Protests and Police Violence"

Dr. Prisca Gayles, Depts. of Sociology and Gender, Race, and Identity at University of Nevada, Reno

"Mechanisms of Racialization in a 'Raceless' but White Nation"

Dr. Jessi Quizar, School of Urban Studies at University of Washington, Tacoma

“Adaptive Racializations,” from Land of Opportunity: Anti-Blackness, Settler Colonialism, and Gentrification in Detroit

Dr. Sarah Orsak, Dept. of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Virginia

"Sex-Testing in Sports: Anti-Blackness and Ability as Racial-Sexual Project"

Closing Event

Please save the date for our spring webinar and closing event! Our yearlong exploration of "The Mechanisms of Global Anti-Blackness" will culminate in a webinar on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 from 5:30-7 pm EST. Visit the event page here.