Insurgent Intersections

About The Project

Project Directors: Dr. Kim D. Butler, Dr. Akissi Britton, Dr. Shantee Rosado

Insurgent Intersections: Combating Global Anti-Blackness is a multi-year project of the Department of Africana Studies at Rutgers University-New Brunswick exploring how the discipline informs global, intersectional struggles against anti-Blackness. We are also examining how the interventions of Africana Studies intersect with approaches to anti-Blackness from other academic disciplines. Each semester of the project is devoted to a theme in which we bring together scholars, students, artists and activists to exchange their unique insights and perspectives. The theme for Spring 2022 is “The Roots of Global Anti-Blackness,” and will feature a works-in-progress series to support emerging scholarship, as well as a multidisciplinary webinar event at the end of the semester. At the end of the project, we will close with a deep reflection of the ways Black people have created paths towards healing.

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Insurgent Intersections is supported by a faculty grant from the Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice.

2021-22 Events:

Call for Papers: Spring 2022 Works in Progress Series “The Roots of Global Anti-Blackness”
Deadline for submissions: November 1, 2021

"How We Got Here: Slavery and the Making of the Modern Police State" by Dr. Leslie Alexander (with an introduction by Michelle Alexander)

On October 26th, 2021, Dr. Leslie Alexander presented "How We Got Here: Slavery and the Making of the Modern Police State" for the inaugural event of Insurgent Intersections: Combating Global Anti-Blackness. Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, delivered introductory remarks for the event.

Dr. Leslie Alexander is an associate professor of History and African American Studies at Arizona State University. She is the author of African or American?: Black Identity and Political Activism in New York City, 1784-1861, and Fear of a Black Republic: African Americans, Haiti, and the Birth of Black Internationalism, which will be published in 2022. She is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Ford Foundation Senior Fellowship.

The event recording is available here. For more information, view the event flyer here.

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