Insurgent Intersections: Combating Global Anti-Blackness
More Than Segregation Event
Mechanisms of Global Anti-Blackness
How We Got Here: Slavery and the Making of the Modern Police State
The Roots of Global Anti-Blackness (2021-2022)
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More Than Segregation Event
Mechanisms of Global Anti-Blackness
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The Roots of Global Anti-Blackness
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Insurgent Intersections
Combating Global Anti-Blackness

Insurgent ProtestInsurgent Intersections: Combating Global Anti-Blackness is a multi-year project of the Department of Africana Studies at Rutgers University-New Brunswick exploring how the discipline informs global, intersectional struggles against anti-Blackness. We are also examining how the interventions of Africana Studies intersect with approaches to anti-Blackness from other academic disciplines. Given the failure of current interventions to address anti-Blackness, and racism in general, it is vital that we shift our focus to the insights, priorities, and strategies that come from the lived experiences of those most directly affected. That knowledge comes not only from the academy, but also the work of activists, artists, and everyday community members. Insurgent Intersections places these voices in dialogue to inform a new way forward towards social justice.

Each cycle of the project is devoted to a theme in which we bring together scholars, students, artists and activists to exchange their unique insights and perspectives. For each cycle, we host a keynote speaker event, a works-in-progress series to support emerging scholarship, and a multidisciplinary closing event at the end of the semester. To stay connected about the latest opportunities to get involved with Insurgent Intersections, we invite you to sign up for our mailing list.

Insurgent Intersections is supported by a faculty grant from the Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice.

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